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When should my child be fitted with their first pair of shoes?


It is not necessary to rush to buy your child’s first pair of shoes. Little feet develop best without any shoes. Usually, the ideal time to buy first shoes is when the child begins to walk or can balance on their own.

How often should I check the size of my child’s shoes?

It is recommended to check your children’s shoe size regularly. This is to ensure that their feet are fitted with the correct shoes as they grow and develop. 1 – 2 years every 2 month 3 – 4 years every 4 month 5 – 6 years every 6 month

Does the time of day make a difference?

Studies have shown that during the day, our feet tend to enlarge and become approximately 4% wider therefore it is recommended to purchase shoes in the afternoon.

Should I give my child hand-me down shoes?

It’s important to remember that all little developing feet are different. Although the shoes may have only been worn for a short period of time, they do mould quickly. It is therefore not recommended to use hand-me down shoes at any stage of your child’s development.

What should I look for when buying shoes?

The most important element to consider when selecting the right shoe is the fit. Your Child’s shoe should resemble the natural shape of their foot. It should not be too tight in order to allow the feet to grow and breath and at the same time. It shouldn’t be too large because it will not provide the right support.

How can I ensure that the shoe has the right fit?

To ensure you are selecting the right size for your child please refer to our sizing chart.

What is more preferable: shoes with laces, buckle or with velcro?

Shoes with velrco are a good choice because they can easy to take off and put on. They also give the child a chance to learn to put on their own shoes. Shoes with buckles and laces also have their advantages as they allow for a tighter fit which are more appropriate for small developing feet.

Is the insole important?

The insole is the interior bottom of the shoe which sits directly beneath the foot under the foot bed. A high quality insole offers cushioning and subtle arch support, allowing your child to feel more comfortable and balanced.

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